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2016 Tax Season is coming fast
Tax planning and consulting
New Service
2014 Tax Season


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2016 Tax Season is coming fast

2016 Tax Season

While the new tax season is only 5 months away. It is recommended that those taxpayers with changes to their tax situation start to plan right away.

I can help plan tax strategies to help you save money on taxes. Just give me a call at (571)214-4871 to schedule an appointment for service.

Tax planning and consulting

Summer time is the perfect time to review your tax situation and status. Changes made during this time would reflect on your tax return in February and March. We are readily available to help you with your tax planning and consulting.

New Service

DFS Tax now has Business Packages

Basic Package (2 Services)- $1440 or $120/month
Premium Package (3 Services) $2100 or $175/month

Call (571)222-4185 for details

2014 Tax Season

I want to thank all who used our services in Tax Season 2013. Your service was greatly appreciated.

As a reminder, Tax Season 2014 is just starting. We are already 5 months into 2013, and before you know it, the end of the year will be rolling around. In order not to get a surprise in March or April of next year, it is necessary to start planning now, make necessary estimated tax payments, and keep abreast of the IRS and/or other tax authorities.

For more information, please call us at (571)222-4185.
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