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DFS Tax is a firm dedicated to serving small business taxpayers properly prepare and file their tax returns. Our goal is to ensure that all returns are filed properly, avoiding audits from the tax authorities. We work diligently with our clients to ensure that a return has been properly filed.

As experienced tax professionals, we check and recheck all financial data to be sure that no data is missing or has been given to us in error. Once all data is accounted for and is clear of error, we proceed to file an income tax for the client. Before filing, we consult with the client to go over the return to make sure that they agree with the return before filing with the IRS and/or state tax agency. We file all returns electronically.

We ask that our clients prepare well for filing a tax return. We do not prepare accounting books nor do payroll services; however, we do use the financial data to prepare and file a tax return. Therefore, we ask that our clients present us with all the data necessary for us to prepare and file the tax return. Incomplete data will only delay matters and will delay the return being file properly and not in time.

DFS Tax serves clients year round. We are available Monday - Friday from 8AM to 6PM. We do not provide service during the weekends and certain holidays, unless it is during tax season or in case of an emergency. We encourage customers to call before scheduling an appointment, as we work only on an appointment basis.

Besides tax preparation services, we have other services as well. They include tax consulting and planning services and tax repair services. Tax Preparation Services are billed based on a flat fee rate. Other services are billed on an hourly fee.

We are available year round

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